Applied Biosystems Veriti™ 96 hole fast thermal cycling instrument can provide Applied Biosystems ™ Proven reliability of the instrument. With additional VeriFlex ™ Module control, you can use six independent temperature control modules to precisely control PCR optimization. In addition, the color touchscreen simplifies Veriti ™ Setup and use of 96 hole rapid thermal cycling instrument. Optional settings for fast or standard PCR methods provide flexibility to reduce PCR cycle times. Veriti ™ 96 hole rapid thermal cycling instrument is equipped with 0.1 mL module configuration, which can save time and reagent consumption.


Innovative VeriFlex ™ The module can perform precise PCR optimization or run up to 6 independent tests

Six temperature zones that facilitate PCR optimization

Standard and quickly enabled loops to address your current and future PCR needs

Easy to use graphical interface (6.5 "VGA touch screen)

USB allows you to easily transfer the solution from one Veriti ™ Transfer the thermal cycling instrument to another

Shorten PCR cycle time when using faster heating rates

Optional VeritiLink ™ Remote management software can give you peace of mind, enabling you to remotely manage more than 50 circulators through PC or Internet compatible phones

VeriFlex ™ Module: Enhanced PCR functionality

Veriti ™ 96 hole thermal cycling instrument is innovative VeriFlex ™ Module, enabling enhanced PCR functionality. Six independent Peltier modules can provide excellent versatility and flexibility, and bring two key advantages: 1) PCR optimization: each module can be set with a specific temperature suitable for precise control of PCR optimization 2) Run more experiments: six Peltier modules can also be used to run up to six different annealing temperatures in the same operation. With this enhanced capability, Veriti ™ The 96 hole thermal cycler and the VeriFlex module are ideal thermal cyclers for any laboratory.

Control with fingertips

The Veriti system has a powerful but simple user interface driven by a 6.5 inch (16.51 cm) VGA color touchscreen. The large screen makes it easy to view the temperature curve. In addition, the navigation button of the Veriti thermal cycler is large, so you can program the Veriti thermal cycler by clicking your fingertips. The Veriti thermal cycler does not require a stylus or mouse for setup and navigation.

Quickly set and get results

The Veriti system has two different ways to navigate options. For quick setup, you can select one of the pre programmed methods to run. If you want to set the method yourself, just touch the step you want to set, and then use the keyboard to enter the thermal cycle step. After setting, you can choose to save the method to the instrument or USB memory card.

Control your time: Run fast when you need it

Using Veriti ™ Thermal cycling instrument, you can experience two types of thermal cycling instrument at the same time, a standard thermal cycling instrument with better gradient function and a fast start thermal cycling instrument. Therefore, no matter you need to run fast PCR and shorten the PCR cycle time at present, or there may be applications that need to run fast PCR in the future, Veriti thermal circulator can provide flexibility to enable you to run fast when you need it.

Applied Biosystems PCR plastic consumables

Applied Biosystems PCR plastic consumables are designed to be used with our thermal circulator, which has been used for more than 25 years and has been verified. Options for each specification and flux requirement are available to ensure consistent and accurate results from any experiment. 

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